Love Is Blind – Narcissism Analysis – Part 1

The new Netflix TV show, Love Is Blind, singles who want to be loved for who they are, rather than what they look like, have signed up for a less conventional approach to modern dating. The show starts out with 24 singles, 12 men and 12 women, who go on dates inside these pods get to know each other but they CAN’T see each other! The idea is to create an emotional connection first, then a physical one, and then later walk down the isle to say “I do” all within 30 days. There were many folks to start out with but unfortunately not everyone found their match. (SPOILER ALERT) This article in particular focuses on one couple in particular that did not make it to their nuptials.

Diamond Jack and C@rlton a.k.a Cynthia Bailey’s assistant, were contestants on the show who at first seemed to find a connection with each other in the pods. Unbeknownst to Diamond, Cynthia assistant had a secret that he withheld from her during their time in the pods. The secret was revealed that Cynthia’s assistant at one point in his past he dated both men and women. Cynthia’s assistant DID NOT reveal this information until AFTER they were engaged and were supposed to be creating a physical connection to match the emotional connection they developed.
When he finally revealed the information he was in tears and afraid. Diamond just sat there listened to him and tried her best to comfort him. She didn’t say anything that night, but the following day was it litty! And I don’t mean that in a good way. She tried talking to him about it and immediately he moves to the defense and starts attacking her looks and calling her a bitch. That is when she lost it. All of it was painful to watch and I’m sure even more painful for her to go through. Cynthia Bailey’s assistant gave an interview with Entertainment Tonight alongside Diamond Jack recently back in March.

He claims “In my mind I didn’t really call her a bitch, in my mind I put her into a box of reference of women who were stereotypical and ignorant.”
Diamond’s face said exactly what my thoughts said watching the malarkey that came out his mouth.
From a an analysis from famed Youtuber Murad Merali, he calls Cynthia’s assistant “a gaslighting narcissist”. Merali believes he uses his sexuality as a mask and a veil to enable and add to the catalyst for his victimhood. Which I can definitely wholeheartedly agree.

Cynthia’s assistant claims someone can use that information against him and they had I the past. Here’s the problem with that equation, it’s virtually impossible for someone to use your truth against you if you accept, love, and live your authentic truth from the beginning. If that’s the person you claim to be stand in that truth. Don’t hide. Stand tall and ask, “so, what?” If you love and accept yourself for who you are, there isn’t a way it could be weaponized against you.

When you allow others to possess that kind of power over you, you feel powerless because your self esteem thinks you are. That’s why he didn’t tell Diamond BEFORE he asked her to marry him. He stole that choice from her. She was real about who she was in the pods. He chose to withhold information that he knew might change the dynamic of their relationship but by doing that and adding the disrespect, he ended the relationship all by himself. No sexuality truth bomb needed.
Additionally, watching them interact after they got out the pods and they were in Mexico was cringeworthy. The way he talked to her and acted around her was very shady and low key rude but Diamond was gracious.

He continues in the interview with ET saying, “It’s 2020 and I’m still getting death threats as a fluid man by sharing my truth on television.”
Maybe it’s because you’re an individual of low moral character and people can see right through the BS facade he puts up and calls him out on it. I don’t agree with the death threats as a solution to that at all but you can’t put out negativity and not expect to receive negativity in return. That’s not how life or even nature works. For Summer, there is Winter. For Spring, there is Fall. Seasons are balanced as is life. Where there is life, there is also death. Something my mom always said to me was, “Be careful of how you treat people, Karma is a mother.” Mom you were right, as usual.

Cynthia’s assistant has so-called himself publicly apologizing for the way he treated Diamond but as he’s done in many different interviews, he backtracks. In the interview with with ET, you can see him slowly back peddle on his accountability and puts it back on her. He purposely makes her feel like she was wrong and dealing with a narcissist like that can really test your sanity.

Recently Diamond and some of the other women cast member did the don’t rush challenge and Cynthia’s assistant couldn’t help but try and again FAIL at getting her attention. He writes,

“I would tell my ex-fiancée Diamond how BEAUTIFUL she is in this #DontRushChallenge but she rushed to block me after the reunion. Can y’all help me get through to her? I’m over here in quarantine reminiscing about the pods. I’m gonna do something special for whomever helps me at LEAST get unblocked. I miss you beautiful. I’m sorry for being defensive and acting like a damn fool. I’m waiting on you to unblock me like I’m waiting on this stimulus check, baby.”

She never response to it because of course he’s still BLOCKED, but I’m sure someone sent it to her and she ends up posting to her stories like:

She writes, “Message: I find it strange after two years taping “Love is Blind” I never received all of this love and #missyou messages until the show aired. Just let that sink in 🤔🤔🤔”

I believe that he never actually wanted to be with Diamond. I think he did it all for TV but because of his nasty attitude, nobody wanted to deal with that mess. Diamond saw the signs and peaced out. She surely did dodge a bullet leaving that man exactly where he was at.

Do I think Cynthia’s assistant is a bad person because he’s fluid? NOPE. But he is a very shitty fluid person and he seriously is in need of therapy. If there’s even a REMOTE chance of him turning his image around (FOR REAL THIS TIME). First and foremost, he needs to start with all his insecurities. Which everyone has, but he’s old enough to know better than to let them effect his emotions or even react so childishly. But he has to come out of his victimhood in order to see that. Victimhood can be a real comfortable place when you’ve been there a while, the thing is you can’t stay there too long because then you’re just enabling your current issue and it’s pushing you further from solutions and closer to “woe is me”.

I speak on this because I’ve been there. I have dealt with many traumas in my life and also got comfortable in my victimhood until I had the strength to really look myself in the mirror and be honest with myself. It was one of the hardest but best things I ever did in my life. Brought me inner peace and inner self love that I didn’t have before.

Grown BOYS like Cynthia’s assistant (because grown MEN have integrity, communicate, and take accountability for their actions) trigger myself as woman because I’ve dated guys like that in my younger years and couldn’t see then what I can so clearly see now. But that comes with time, learning from past mistakes, and taking accountability for your own role in your life. Everything in life has consequences.

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